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Fresh Direct is about sourcing and delivering the highest quality fresh produce in the most efficient way. We’re a UK company with reach in whole London, UK and enduring relationships with wholesalers, customers, partners and suppliers. Mutual respect drives our involvement in the produce industry. So we make it our business to know what our customers want from us and deliver it with a smile.

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We think that what drives us... also drives others who work with us:

People: Customers, suppliers, wholesalers, staff. We match skills and products with market needs – never forgetting that it is listening to what others say that builds good working relationships.


Honesty: We value our open and honest trading relationships with customers and suppliers. We all know where we stand and what we want from each other. It makes for a great way to do business.


Excellence: There’s only one standard in our trade – and that is excellent product backed by outstanding service. Nothing less will do and we stand by the reputation we’ve built.


Passion: We really care about the products we source and sell. There’s no other way to describe it but as a life-long love affair with UK produce! We live it and breathe it!

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